I am 31 years old and have about 6 years of graphic design experience.I began my journey in the Army as a 25 Mike.  I was new to everything in the Graphic Design Industry I had never used Photoshop, Indesign, or an other Adobe Design software. I began to get a little more comfortable with design in 2016. I began to create sports edits. As of 2020 I now create t-shirts and have began my own business. My portfolio contains work from my first duty station in Korea to now. My time in Korea was very beneficial to my career. In a year I learned to a do a lot of things in the Graphic Design realm. That carried over to my next duty station at Fort Bragg and beyondWhile at Bragg I was not utilized as much, I then took the time to personally develop my skill set and brand. I left the Army in 2016 and in 2019 I began my own t-shirt and apparel brand. I also do freelance work as well. 

Alton seabrook/ graphic design-marketing